Lloyd Melling – Health and Performance Coach

Aka Silent Assassin
From a young age Lloyd has always been doing some sort of sport, from Jujitsu, Football now CrossFit and he firmly believes that health is wealth. He carried his love for sport over into education and studied Personal Training, Sport Science and CrossFit.

Being a big morning person you can find him in the gym early on usually with a personal training client or getting in his morning workout. Having coached in the UAE now for 7 years he’s stuck by his core values when it comes to his coaching and aims to Educate, Inspire and Entertain.

Something you might not know: worked in professional safety and taught people how to restrain others correctly.

Favorite music: depends on his mood but can switch between house, RnB and old school classics.

Favorite food: Pizza and Ice Cream.

If you see him in the gym say hello, ask questions and give him a hug.

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