Lloyd Melling – Health and Performance Coach

– Health and performance coach 

Alioth unleashed podcast host 

– Head of corporate ‘the wellness motion’ 

An eager morning person you can find Lloyd in the gym before sunrise, putting his clients through their paces or getting on with his own early exercise routine. 

Lloyd is passionate about health and wellness and believes that both physical and mental health are as important as each other, he goes the extra mile to help his clients achieve life goals and achievements and loves seeing them thrive in and outside of the gym. 

Having coached and trained clients for more than 10 years he’s stuck to his core values when it comes to having such responsibility and always aims to inspire, educate and entertain. 

Something you might not know: 

Loves a hug. 

Favorite music: depends on the mood, anything from house, RnB and old school classics. 

Favorite food: pizza and ice cream!

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