Alioth has a holistic approach to training. When putting your body under the stress from training, some niggles can naturally appear. Our goal is to keep you moving well for the rest of your life while supporting the process of progress.


We teamed up with Eik of Thriving Lifestyles, who keeps incredibly fit herself through CrossFit training, running, swimming and hiking so she understands the demands of training on the body and the importance of addressing niggles straight away to ensure longevity in sport.

Regardless if your goals are longevity or peak performance, with her experience in the elite world as well as over a decade of working with clients on rehabilitation and injury prevention, she can help you; by helping you understanding your movement restrictions and injury to another degree, and then work with you and closely with your coach or PT to help you rehab injuries and develop progressive programming to get you back into classes and full action

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