We’ve teamed up with brands we use to support your training and lifestyle. Your progress isn’t
only based around your fitness, if we take a step back and look at the overall approach of what
supports your success, there’s many elements.


Meal Prep that YOU control. Good food delivered to your door that still includes pizza! 30% discount as an Alioth member.

Cafe rider

Locally brewed coffee and food just round the corner, with 15% discount for Alioth members. See location.

Longevity Sports

Cold water immersion therapy to aid
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For all your gym gear needs; WodGuys has everything for training, in the gym or at home website.

Joint Space

Alioth members can get 20% Discount of maintenance work, T&C apply for more details Click here


We strive to provide exceptional coaching, quality education, and valuable information to the CrossFit community and all guests of CrossFit Alioth.

CrossFit Alioth opened its doors in Dubai, UAE in 2016 with a goal to help athletes reach their full potential no matter their fitness background or goals. We utilize the CrossFit training methodology to empower athletes with the proper knowledge of functional movements and varying intensities.

We are a team of dedicated staff members who take pride in your experience as soon as you walk through the door.From our front desk staff, coaches, and management; our goal is to help you reach your highest peak, and your fullest potential. We do this through quality coaching, detailed instruction, and a keen focus on our Alioth community. Your fitness journey is unique to you- so we provide a gym experience that encourages growth and challenges you in various ways; ll while having fun throughout the process.