At Crossfit Alioth, we know that nutrition is an essential part of getting better at this sport.  We know that Rest + Nutrition + Training =  Progress and we have a few ways to help you make sure that all your hard work turn into solid gains, increased numbers on the barbell, faster workout times but also better body composition so you look and feel better.

We have a few options available for you to help you work on your nutrition.

1. Inspirational Videos

Here are few inspirational videos, with tips, tricks and hacks.

2. Take our 30 Day Course!

You can also join our  30 day online course to get your nutrition on track. In this 4 week long course, with 1 module each week.  We help you build and practice the solid foundations of nutrition – developing all the big rock fundamentals so you get really good at eating the right amount of food, at the right times to fuel you optimally. This will help you look better, perform better and thrive with your nutrition. 

Find out more about the nutrition course.

3. Individual Coaching

Individual Nutrition Coaching is available with our coaches and partners.  These coaches are used to working with athletes as well as the everyday hero on improving nutrition. Click to read more about and find contact details to reach out to Coach Eik, Coach Chris and Coach Max.

Coach Eik provides nutrition consulting to help you manage your weight, increase your performance & recovery and come back from injuries.
With an individualised approach we strive to figure out a solution that works for you in your unique set of circumstances AND that gets you the results you are looking for. Find out more
For more info and inquires, don´t hesitate to reach out and book a Free Consult.
Chris has been a full time Nutrition coach since 2017, having left the corporate world of food marketing.
Chris’ view is that modern life is busy & this has a huge impact on what you eat & drink… even when you try to plan ahead.
He provides practical advice to help his clients dealing with the complexities and temptations of Dubai life.