Frequently asked questions

We have a few of options for you:

1: If you’ve been doing CrossFit for more than 3 months:

This means you understand the basic terminology and know how to approach a class, being aware of Weightlifting and Gymnastic movements.
If this sounds like you; all you need to do is go to our schedule page -> create an account, purchase a membership from our options, then you can book into class. Voila!

2: If CrossFit is new to you:

You can join for a FREE Trial Class on Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays and Sundays, to see if Alioth is the right fit for you, after this we have Fundamentals sessions any new starter must attend to ensure the right start and master the basics.
You can join any class throughout the day, checkout our schedule here for timings.

To book in for your trial > set up a Glofox account using the key symbol in the right corner of this page.
Once that is complete, let us know through WHATSAPP which class you would like to book in for + your email address and we will book you in for the free trial from our side.

After the trial class you need to complete our Fundamentals sessions, they are 3 x one to one sessions with one of our knowledgeable coaches to Master the Basics of what is to be expected from class.

It’s great to continue your fitness journey in another country and experience a new place. We have a few options depending on how long you plan to stay:

1: Classes= we have “Punchcards” ranging from 1 – 10 classes which are used up as you attend.
2: Open Gym= daily or weekly rates.
*Open Gym hours are Monday – Thursday 11-1pm + 2-4pm, Friday 11-1pm + 2-3:30pm, Saturday 11:30- 2pm.

These can be purchased from the website, schedule page> Sign up via GloFox

Personal Training is a highly valued service at Alioth and we keep our standards as high as you do. If you want to take your movement, weightlifting, gymnastics skills to the next level we’ll have the right person for you.

Simply fill out our personal training inquiry or send us your contact information, training goals and availability via WhatsApp and we’ll have one of our suitable coaches contact you.

Alternatively, if you know who you would like to work with you can contact the coach directly.


Alioth follows a structured and progressive program to expose you to a variation of training elements; including weightlifting, gymnastics and conditioning. From starting CrossFit to competitive athletes, all levels are welcome in class as each session is led by one of our knowledgeable coaches who can scale and teach everyone.
Each training cycle will have specific focus, showing attainable results at the end of an 8 week program. A class begins with a strength or skill component before mixed conditioning.


Build your engine! The focus is on building and learning about your aerobic capacity through low-impact bodyweight movements and conditioning. Each week varies from high intensity intervals to long steady-state cardio sessions.

Morning Movement

The perfect way to get your body moving and blood flowing in the morning. MM is a 30 minute class using a mix of cardio-kit, bodyweight exercises and kettlebells; all low-skill so you can keep moving.

Barbell Club

Technique driven sessions with a focus on the Olympic lifts; Clean + Jerk and Snatch. Coached by James and Minhal who both have an extensive background in teaching weightlifting, driven by their passion for quality of movement.

Saturday Sweat

Where the community comes together each week and has some fun in a team workout. A long sweaty weekend special with a mash-up of movements.

Track Club: Running club with coach James. In these sessions he takes you through Interval Running Training on a running track aimed to make you faster and more efficient at running. Sessions are in ISD sports park in Sports City. Class is apart of the schedule and Alioth members pay 55/per time for access to the track through the ISD application or at reception. location

Swim Club: Run by coach Mike the swim club has sessions 3x per week. In this class you will learn how to get more efficient in the water. Each class starts with swim drills, intervals and usually ends with a swim WOD combining DB/KB movements, bodyweight movement and swimming for a spicy workout. Class is a part of the class schedule and Alioth members pay 35 AED /per time for using the swim facilities. Location

We’re in Al Quoz, right in the middle of Dubai. It’s easiest to reach us by car/taxi. Find us here

When you arrive, parking is before the alleyway which you walk up, find a black Alioth container and you’re in the right place.

Any issues, please contact us via WhatsApp.

Dark Horse Programming is the official training program for Alioth.
We have two paths; Hero (our everyday class programming) and Compete (adds skill and weights to the class programming + additional capacity and accessory work).
It’s written by our Head Coach, Minhal, with specific additions from the coaching team.

Read more here

Subscription based memberships can be frozen for a maximum period of two weeks, twice per year. All freeze requests must be submitted to with at least 7 working days’ notice. Freeze start dates cannot be backdated, and freeze start, and end dates will be final.

All-tough we are sad to see you go, you can cancel your membership at any time by giving a minimum of a 7 working days written notice prior to your next payment date. Send an email to us on or via the Glofox Alioth App.

YOUR Membership is personal to you and you cannot lend, assign, or transfer it to another person.

WODs, classes, workshops and similar events provided by the CrossFit Alioth must be booked in advance via the Glofox Alioth App. No priority is given (unless specified) and places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Members attending a class must arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of the class. Members arriving later than this time risk losing their place in the class. If you are late to a class, it will be at the discretion of the coach to decide whether you can join the class.

Late cancellations (within 8 hours) and no-shows will be monitored for
those with memberships and will be counted as a used session for drop-ins and class packs. If you continually cause others to miss out (sessions where there is a waiting list), you will be contacted. At the discretion of the CrossFit Alioth management, your membership may be suspended for a period of 2 days. There will be no refunds, returns or compensation in any form in the event that this policy is enforced. As spaces are limited, please be courteous to others and commit to attending the busiest sessions if you make the reservation.

As per your membership agreement:

Any cancellations within 12 hours, or no-shows, will result in a charged/lost session. If late to a session, you will still receive the remaining scheduled session time (unless other arrangements have been previously made with your coach).

The expiry of your sessions will be determined by the amount of sessions purchased.

CrossFit Alioth does not offer any refunds for missed or unused PT sessions.