What Is Dark Horse?

The DarkHorse Program is the official training program of CrossFit Alioth. It is a strength and conditioning program designed by the Alioth coaching team, headed by Coach Minhal Bhojani. The program is designed to help athletes become the best versions of themselves and prepare for the sport of fitness.

The program includes:

– Main session

– Accessory and bodybuilding

– Engine

– Gymnastic capacity & skill

The DarkHorse Training Program has already gained a following of 150+ members, including CrossFit athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a structured and comprehensive program to help them achieve their fitness goals and prepare for competition. Each block of the program is designed to go hand in hand with the final block focusing specifically on preparing for the Open.

The program includes regular progress tracking and feedback from coaches via WODUP to help athletes stay on track and make adjustments as needed. With its focus on community, and comprehensive fitness, the DarkHorse Program is quickly becoming one of the most popular training programs in the region.

Season overview

Programming blueprint



Main accessories engine


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