What Is Dark Horse?

Dark Horse is the training program of CrossFit Alioth, designed by the coaching team. The program is built over a yearly block, with smaller cycles focusing on varied elements to progress within. There are two paths for athletes of different skill levels and goals; which can be worked on at Alioth or remotely.

Parallel Paths, Varying Levels for a Stronger Community

The Crossfit Alioth message is to bring people together; to get stronger, fitter and more skilful while everyone in the room is sharing the experience of progress. Dark Horse provides two aligning, yet differently challenging paths; Dark Horse Hero is our structured main class program; designed to build strong and healthy humans. Dark Horse Compete is developed within the main class to level up your game, where you don’t have to limit your training to Open gym hours + additional work.

Path 1: Dark Horse Hero

The Dark Horse Hero path is the class program. Accessible to all Crossfit Alioth members – created by our coaching team, each of whom have knowledgeable coaching backgrounds in varied specificities and have experienced Crossfit on a competitive level for years. It’s structured and progressive to develop strength, skill and build healthy humans.

Path 2: Dark Horse Compete

The Compete Path is for athletes who want to level up their game and/or prepare for competitions; it’s built in unison to the HERO pathway while exposing athletes to heavier weights and higher skill movements in the class environment, plus additional accessory + engine building work to diminish weaknesses. Compete is focused on developing athletes that strive for growth and putting them on the path to success on the field. Anyone who enjoys CrossFit training, has the skill and experience but is not interested in competing can also sign up for the Compete path.


Training Days

Every training block we host epic experience days to test your strength and fitness against other Dark Horses, both at Alioth and off-site (think AM paddle-board and beach swim event followed by heavy lifting and a competitive throwdown in the gym!).
The program also hosts weekly throwdowns every Friday where everyone is invited. Full Send Friday is created by one of the Dark Horse athletes or special guests and posted on our Instagram account weekly, so wherever you are in the world, you are able to take part and share your results #DARKHORSE

Contact us HERE to sign up, speak to a coach and you will be inducted into our training platform on WodUp; to follow the program and track your numbers.




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