3 Rounds, In partners:
2 minute AMRAP Cal Row
1 minute AMRAP sync DB snatch
1 minute rest
2 minute AMRAP Cal Ski
1 minute AMRAP sync box jumps
1 minute rest
2 minute AMRAP Cal Bike
1 minute AMRAP sync burpees
1 minute rest

Workout notes: The 2 minutes on the calorie row/ski/bike is split between the partners, one working whilst one is resting. The 1 minute AMRAPs of sync movements requires both partners to be working at the same time and same speed.

Tomorrows 5PM class will be extra special as it will be coached by Barebell athletes Phil Hesketh, Mia Åkerlund, Alexander Elebro and Synne Krokstad. Meet the team and try the products for free!

Show up to the class as normal, there is no need to pre register.