Ev 2 mins x 5 rounds:
3 Front squats
3 Box jumps

Strength notes: Go heavy and high on both. Target would be 80% of 1RM FS

3 minute AMRAP:
18/14 Cal row
18 Box step ups
18 Alternating DB snatch
-Rest 1 min-

4 minute AMRAP:
24/18 Cal row
24 Box step ups
24 Alternating DB snatch
-Rest 1 min-

5 minute AMRAP:
30/22 Cal row
30 Box step ups
30 Alternating DB snatch

Workout notes: The RX load would be 50/35lbs for both DB movements. The box step ups are done to a 24/20” box with a single DB which can be supported anywhere on the body (2019 Open style)