Every 2 min x 6
3 Push Jerks (from rack), build
Max L-Sit/Knee tuck hold

"Helen Goes Biking"
3 Rounds for time
30/25 cal. Assault Bike
21 KB Swings (32/24 KG)
12 C2B/6 BMU

*Workout Notes*
If you haven't done the original "girl" WOD Helen, add it to your list. It is arguably one of the best aerobic tests in CrossFit. Our class today "Helen goes Biking" adds a bit of high-skill 'flare' to the original workout.

Here's a little clip from the 'olden' days of CrossFit when OPEX was OPT, and when they were closer to CrossFIt HQ (Fun fact: James Fitzgerald, owner and developer of OPEX, won the CrossFit Games in 2007). One can also credit OPEX for the development of athletes like Marcus Filly who most recently launched Functional Bodybuilding in conjunction with OPEX.