Every 2 min x 12 min. 
Set 1-2: 3 Cleans + 1 Jerk (60-70%)
Set 3-4: 2 Cleans + 1 Jerk (70-80%)
Set 5-6: 1 Clean + 1 Jerk (80-90%)

1. 40 sec. Wall Ball (20/14#)
2. 40 sec. Burpee Box Jump (24")
3. 40 sec. DU/SU

Workout notes: 
Today's strength will challenge your consistency at higher percentages. Make sure the first 4 sets are solid as you increase to the heavier weights. 

The MetCon is SPICY today. 8 rounds at each station with a 2:1 work:rest ratio, meaning you will be working at quite a deficit (no full recovery here #heavybreathing). We will give you target reps to hit each round and your main goal is to stay as consistent as possible. Your effort may seem to increase as you get further into the WOD, but your reps each round should aim to stay the same. 

Those of you who filled out our "Post Open Survey" noted that the conditioning pieces were the most challenging... here is a great opportunity to improve!