Alternate Every 2 mins x 8
A. 8/8 FR KB Bulgarian Split Squats
B. 16 Jump Squats (95/65#)

AMRAP 3 min : 1 min rest x 6
A. 30/20 cal. AB
Max burpees over bar in time remaining
B. 6 DL + 6 Hang Power Clean + 6 Thrusters (AMRAP)

Workout Notes: 
For those of you doing the Alioth Barbell Club squat program..... you're getting a lot of Saturday/Sunday leg sessions, Be smart about your sets for the strength. For those of you doing classes, utilize Sundays strength especially as we dive in to explosive movements and single-leg work. 

The conditioning is pretty straight forward. You know the drill, how consistent can you be while still pushing your limits. You have less rest than work time.... it will get fun!