Every 90 sec. x 10
1 Clean and Jerk
* option 1: work to a heavy single for the day
* option 2: 3 reps per round, technique work

AMRAP 5 x 3 sets
2 min. Rest btwn. sets

(F) 500/400m. Row
10 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20")
Max thrusters in remaining time (75/45#)

(P) 600/500m Row
15 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20")
Max Thrusters in remaining time (115/75#)

Workout Notes: Today can be a great test of consistency during both sections of the class. How consistent are you at your high percentages, OR with moderate weight for an extended time. Notice again for the conditioning piece that you're working at a deficit of rest. We've been working this style of interval training for a little over a month, have you noticed an improvement? Take note today and try to stay within 5 reps of your best thruster set.