Alt. EMOM x 15 min. 
1. 10 Ring dips/bar dips/push ups
2. 30 sec. max double unders
3. Mx hanging L-sit hold

For time: 
400m. Run
24 TTB
24 KB Swing (28/20KG)
400m. Run
21 TTB
21 KB Swing
400m. Run
18 TTB
18 KB Swing

*10 BURPEE PENALTY for every break (dropping from TTB or stopping during KB swings)

Workout notes: 
Strength: This is a chance to work on skills that are tough to work on "in the moment" aka during workouts. EMOM work like this gives you the time to figure out how things work, especially timing during double unders. Attack these skill sessions with focus and an intent of consistent improvement. 
You are capable of more than you think (like hanging on to the KB or the bar). This workout forces you out of your safety zone. Challenge yourself and try to be as strategic about your rest as you can (bigger sets= less burpees... we'd say that's a win).