The team at Alioth believe smart nutrition should be about what you put in, not what you take out. We offer practical, inclusive, bespoke Nutrition Plans & Coaching that will help you achieve your fitness & weight goals – no matter if that goal is getting your first pull up or qualifying for the CrossFit Games


Our Nutrition programme is powered by Chris & the team at Designed For Life Fitness. Having spent over a decade in the food industry, Chris knows that if you train regularly, you can get long-term results without sacrificing the foods you love or your social life. Really… it’s true! Alioth Nutrition Plans are one of a kind because they are built with the foods, drinks & snacks you love, from the shops, restaurants & takeout you already use. They are designed this way because you are unique & your life is different from everyone else’s.
If you are interested in finding out more, you can send Chris a message here ​​or book in for a FREE 30 min Consultation here

Current Alioth members who are working with Alioth Nutrition:

Mohammad Almuhairi
Fatuma Lokembo
Sean Pearson
Obaid Al Slaes
Sam Clark
Anam Clarke
Hassan Mansouri
Yasmeen Al Ashi
Merita Orrensuo
Haitham Farhat
Minwa Alawadi


Current Alioth Members not actively working with Alioth Nutrition (but who are positive about the experience!):

Kelly Fray
Sharon Alvares
Zein Sleiman
Andrew Richards
Jess Higgitt
Sana Mörtenhumer
Ahmed Farhat