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Brand X Method: Live Youth Training Certification


Looking to increase your kids/teens training and teaching? The Brand-X method certification is a great way to start. CrossFit Alioth is hosting a 2-day seminar in June. Participants can expect to learn the following: 

 The Brand X Method™ Kids-Youth Advanced Training certification includes:

  • Physical Literacy
  • Play and Development
  • Programming
  • Common Issues and Injury Prevention
  • Sports Specialization and Burnout
  • Advanced Movements, Progressions, and Cuing
  • And More…

Expanding on the fundamentals first put forth in the kids course we authored in 2007, the Advanced Certification synthesizes the methodological evolution of the last ten years. We recommend that this certification be taken after The Brand X Method™ Online Kids Basic Certification or other qualifying youth specific training.

The Brand X Method™ Youth Barbell Training Certification includes:

  • Class goals and structure
  • Programming
  • Bracing and mobility
  • Identifying and correcting movement and technical faults
  • Teaching the Deadlift and the Back Squat
  • Accessory exercises and supplemental lifts

This certification goes over the fundamentals and the necessary detail for training teens, ages 12-18, how to handle barbells and move other external loads safely and efficiently.

This certification is ideal for trainers, coaches and parents interested in training teens, but it does assume basic knowledge in the The Brand X Method™. The TBXM™ Youth Barbell Lesson Plans (1st edition) is included as support.