Chris Kiernan – Alioth Nutrition Coach

If you have a question about your food, calories, macros & how they can help improve your training performance, Chris is the guy to talk to

After graduating from University (1st Class Joint Honours) Chris went on enjoy a +10 year career in food, food product development & food marketing, working with some of the largest brands in the world: PepsiCo, Mars, Coca-Cola.

Since setting up his own Nutrition Coaching business with his wife, Designed For Life Fitness, Chris has worked with our coaches & members to offer practical nutrition advice & support so they achieve their goals – whether that be competing internationally or achieving their first pull up.

Chris’ philosophy is that life is busy & therefore we need to find the easiest & most enjoyable ways of helping you eat well – with no judgement. He knows this only too well – studying for his Masters in Personal Nutrition & being a dad to his first daughter – has proved to him once again that making smart nutrition choices is about much more than what is on your plate.

Little known fact: Before University, Chris’ heavy metal band had a record contract. They put out 2 albums, played festivals & can be found on all popular streaming services!

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