Fitness after Travel


Summer is a fun and relaxing time and many of us travel during summer holidays. Going away on travel is a great way to recharge batteries, break your normal routines and simply enjoy yourself. Training volume might be lower during summer months which is a good thing when we train to stay fit. Going hard 12 months-per-year is not really sustainable for your overall well-being. Which is why a few weeks (or months) of laid back training during the summer is great for the body to recover. If we have some nagging pains that haven’t quite gone away; a few weeks of rest and relaxation during travel is usually enough to heal up the body and mind. Once this time is over, it’s time to get back into the gym! But, you may find, this is a little harder to do, so we’ve put together some tips to get back to the gym after holiday.

Back to the routine

After holiday means getting back to routines. Adults are back to work, kids go back to school, students go back to university, favorite TV shows start their new season and most people get back to their hobbies after the summer holidays. I’ve always liked fall because it usually means routines and training is one of those. This time of year is a great time to get back to the gym. After time away from the gym, you might even find that your body is craving for some thrusters and burpees....  Ok… maybe that’s a stretch…. Maybe it’s not. We all know how great it feels after training. It’s also great time to catch up with some fellow CrossFitters in class that we might have not seen for a few months.

As great as it is to get back into the swing of things, the first week of training might be rough after some time off. I’ve experienced this too. After few weeks off, the first week of training usually hits like a truck and I usually feel like I have never done any training.  This is completely fine. The most important thing to remember during this phase is that it gets easier, you just need to stay consistent (similar to anyone first starting CrossFit training!). After couple weeks of training, the body will start functioning again normally and training will start to feel similar to what it felt before your break.

Easing into training volume

Although you may want to get back into high volume right away, I recommend easing back into your training. It might be difficult to hold back at the beginning because usually after the break the motivation is high and we really are ready to hit the gym hard. If we have a car and we go straight  from 1st gear to 5th gear the engine probably does not like it. It’s a same thing with people. I recommend increasing the volume slowly, the same way we shift car gears.

Staying motivated

Motivation is another important thing. When we train the goal should be longevity so that we keep it going as a habit. Fitness as a daily habit is arguably one of the best sustainable habits for health and happiness.  In order to stay motivated, you should like what you do. Find a fitness hobby (or any other hobby) that you like and that gives added value to your life. One reason that we like having fitness and CrossFit as a pass-time is the added benefits of conditioning, but you may also find that it helps you focus on other areas of your life- like giving you clarity at work or helping you relax at home. It is important that you have reasons for continuing fitness that are driven by goals both in and out of the gym that contribute to your overall well-being.

Small goals along the way will keep the motivation up. Those goals can be anything and they vary a lot when we talk about large group of people. Training consistently three times a week until next holiday, hitting a bodyweight snatch, participating in a partner throwdown in three months or improving the body image are all examples of goals. These are all anything that keeps you on track in training. Now, let's get back to training and routines. Have a good fall season!

Mikko Aronpää