BOE 18.1 Tips


Battle Of The East Qualifier 1 (2 parts)

In a 12min window complete:

A.  9-15-21
Hang Power Snatch 95/55#
Bar Facing Burpees

A. Establish 1 RM Snatch in the time remaining

Tips and Strategy

Part A
Hang Power Snatch: The strategy for this workout is completely dependent on your barbell cycling proficiency. The top athletes will do the workout unbroken. If you can’t do 30+ reps unbroken you may need to different approach. Be realistic about your abilities during qualifier workouts such as these. If you plan to go unbroken- hang on and keep moving. 

If your cycling capacity is around 20-25 Unbroken reps then the 15 and 21s will need to be split up 8-7 and then either 11-10 or 10-6-5. 

If you can cycle less than 20 reps, consider splitting every set up in order to manage your grip and save yourself for the later rounds. An example rep scheme for this may be
4 6-5-5-4 or 6-5-4-3-3

Bar Facing Burpees: There is no real strategy here other than the reminder that burpees are burpees- so stay consistent and keep moving. There are some simple things that can be done to make up time and be more efficient.

Get close to the barbell on the way up and bring your feet through as close to your hands as possible. This will mean you don’t need to take an extra step towards the bar saving time and energy. The burpees are a reminder that you MUST control your heart rate here. It will be easy to get carried away at the start (as we can sometimes do when qualifiers) especially with the smallest set first. 

9 reps are not many but with the 9 done you still have 36 reps remaining. Aim to hold the same solid but controlled rep pace all the way through the qualifier.

Part B
1 Rep Snatch

Obviously, the amount of time you have to snatch will dependant on Part A. Ideally, you will have time for 3-4 lifts. Part A is all hip hinging and is quite grippy so remember that going into this task. Your first lift should be very safe comfortable weight around 70-75% and work on how you feel from there. This will allow you to quickly get the bar loaded and the lift attempted while your HR is still dropping and allow yourself to relax a bit as you recover from Part A.

Warm-Up Tips

Make sure overhead, hips and ankles are well mobilized. Also, focus on getting your heart rate up and simulating the movements. You do not want this workout to be the first time you spike your heart rate. 30:30 Assault bike intervals with some half burpees can get you nice and warm. 

Take time to build to an 80% snatch a lift heavier than you plan on lifting on your first attempt.  You need to prime your body to get under some weight. 

Then work on building your heart rate ahead of Part A. Remember, the shorter the workout the longer the warm-up.

Good luck to everyone attacking this workout! 


James Wright