Staying active while traveling


When we travel it’s easy to get passive regarding fitness. I’m not saying that we should spend hours and hours training daily when we are on holiday but I think that small amount of physical activity is an important part of a good holiday. Here’s few tips how you can incorporate fitness into your travels. 

  1. Get it done early: A great way to start the day and to enjoy your surroundings is by planning your workouts in the morning. Even if you plan to sleep in, you can still commit to working out first thing before other activities in your day. This way, you won't run the risk of 'changing your mind' later in the day. Plus, breakfast is always much more delicious after a great AM session. You'll probably find that you have more energy and excitement leading into the rest of your day. 
  2. Find a local affiliate: You can use google maps to find local CrossFit boxes and do a drop in class. This is a great way to meet new, like minded people in the community. I’ve done this few times and you always learn new things when you train in different gyms around the world. We all speak the same CrossFit language, regardless of how different the facility may be from your 'home' and that is a great thing. 
  3. Pressure free: Don’t go crazy with the time spent inside the gym daily. You are not required or expected to spend time every day of your holiday working out. Unless you are preparing for a competition (and by that we mean a high-stakes competition), training shouldn't be the highest priority. Use the time away from your daily routine to enjoy classes, and all the other fitness options you may have on your trip.  Quality over the quantity definitely wins here. 

Staying active also means testing your fitness in unconventional ways. By unconventional, we mean things that are out of the ordinary for you.  Getting outside and enjoying nature- taking hikes, and making mini challenges for yourself outside are great ways to sneak in some activity time while continuing to enjoy your environment.

If there are parks/ outdoor training areas nearby to your accommodation take advantage of those. It is even normal to find parks with pull up bars, dip bars and monkey bars which gives great options for movements. You can also use stones, logs etc. whatever you can find outdoors and utilize those to your training. Different animal crawls are also great movements to get variability when we train outdoors. Those animal crawls are pretty hard too when we go for intensity.

Functional fitness was developed with the goal of keeping us ready for anything. Traveling gives you a great excuse to test that theory. 

Some workout suggestions

If you have rings and jump rope bring those with you when you travel. Rings are easy hang up on a tree and you can get some ring rows or muscle ups in. I’ve done this sometimes when traveling. Some people who walk by probably think I’m a madman and some people stop by out of curiosity and ask about the training protocol I’m doing. This is all positive vibes.

When in a hotel gym you may have access to dumbbells, rowers, treadmills, or pull up bars. The best thing about these items is that many people choose specialty machines over these which means they can be available for you! You can easily browse through the Alioth WOD Blog and alter some workouts to fit what you have available, or get creative and make your own 10-20 min. AMRAP. Some hotel gyms also have kettlebells which is a great add. As far as the training session goes you can do a long conditioning piece ( for time, intervals, AMRAP or EMOM) or you can do couple lifts (for example dumbbell bench press and dumbbell lunges) for strength and then shorter conditioning piece.

As far as training frequency goes I don’t have any specific amount for that. Listen to your body. If you've gone a while without any workouts, you may have the urge to simply move, get your heart-rate up and sweat a bit; even if it is only for 15 minutes.

Your main focus on holiday is still to relax and recharge. Getting creative with your fitness will hopefully aid in your enjoyment as well!