Top 5 Reminders for the 2018 Open


We’ve been pushing the concept of the Open for the last couple months and if you’re still on the fence, or now getting a little excited/nervous- don’t worry! This time of year is full of awesome moments within the Alioth community and throughout the entire world of CrossFit.

No matter what your goals are for the Open, the top priority is to enjoy every minute of it and here’s why:

  1. You’re doing the same workout as some of the top athletes in the world. Regardless of where you land on the leaderboard, it’s an experience you’re virtually sharing with every single person in the CrossFit Open.

  2. There will be moments where your strength and skill are tested. Embrace it- don’t fear it. Especially if you are newer to the sport, you may find some holes in your training or simply elements of CrossFit that you need more work on. This should excite you and your training year ahead.

  3. Cheer, count, participate, repeat.
    This means, the Open is not just about you as an individual. It is a group effort. Hang around during the Open with your gym, cheer for your friends and for other members, and if you are confident in your judging skills- hop in and judge! This is all part of the experience.

  4. Leaderboarding 101: If you are interested in completing the workouts, log your score and that’s it. If you enjoy a little friendly competition between friends and other athletes on your level, get some banter going and create your custom leaderboard on the CrossFit Games App.

  5. Pictures, obviously.
    Post workout selfies, action shots, videos, etc. are all welcomed throughout the Open. Make sure you tag CrossFit Alioth throughout the five weeks for a chance to win some prizes!