Things to do around CrossFit Alioth


Whether you have a quick stopover in Dubai or are visiting for an extended holiday; we love having new athletes drop-in to CrossFit Alioth. There are a couple pointers we have for anyone interested in coming for a workout with us. This should be your one-stop guide to get you prepared for your visit. While there is a plethora of things to do around Dubai, we’re including some of the things (and food spots) closes to CrossFit Alioth.

Class or Open Gym?

If you’re looking to get a true Dubai experience, we recommend joining one of the group classes. However if you are on a regimented program, we also offer open gym throughout the day. All we ask is that you respect the space for classes.

Weekly Passes?

Our daily rates range from 105-165AED. If you are looking to workout multiple times during your Dubai vacation, you may want to consider a 5-day pass.

Our 5-day passes are valid for classes or open gym.

What else is around CrossFit Alioth?

CrossFit Alioth is located in the heart of Al Quoz 3 industrial complex. Similar to many of the first gyms in the U.S. and U.K. this is an industrial area and is in a large warehouse.

Outside of the gym, there are also some hidden gems around the area that introduce you to the daily Dubai outside of the holiday hot-spots. Early disclaimer, there is a lot of coffee and food around us- but we don’t think you’ll be disappointed about that.

Cafe Rider: Located just 800m away from the gym, Cafe Rider is a great place to grab food before or after your visit to CrossFit Alioth.

Alserkal Avenue: If you are interested in the artistic side of Dubai, make sure you take a stop at Alserkal. This area is one of the regions first art hubs. Situated only a 5-minute drive away from CrossFit Alioth, you’ll find a plethora of different health-focused food stops (Wild and the Moon, Hapi, A4 Space- Appetite, Nightjar Coffee),  along with a variety of creative shops and art galleries, and clothing stores. The entire area is a cluster of warehouses all serving a different purpose within the Alserkal community. Make sure to check out their website to see if any major events are happening during your stay in Dubai.

There are also a couple yoga, calisthenics, and boutique gym (spinning etc.) options in the area too.

If you love the art scene, you can also head to the Dubai Design District.

The Courtyard Dubai: This is another community collective in Al Quoz. Across the street from the Alserkal Avenue warehouses, you’ll find The Courtyard, an eclectic collection of British and Australian inspirations- with a unique Dubai spin.

The Courtyard, Dubai

The Courtyard, Dubai

The Courtyard is home to the Courtyard Playhouse- which hosts various performances throughout the year. There is also a collection of different furniture and clothing shops with everything from plants, home decor, bicycles, fine leather goods, unique children’s clothes, and an organic market. The entrance to the building is namely- a large Courtyard. Most of the shops are located inside- which is a plus if you are visiting Dubai during the hotter months. We recommend trying some food and/or coffee from Boston Lane, and grabbing some local dates and honey from the Ripe Market.

Mall of the Emirates: This is located one mile from the gym (but traffic lights may cause it to seem further #DubaiProblems) and is a hub for anything you may need while you’re close to CrossFit Alioth. A metro stop is located here if you’re looking for an easy ride around the city, and there are also a handful of delicious restaurants at MOE as well. A fan favorite of ours is Common Grounds located on the third level by GO Sport and the Hyatt Hotel (and lululemon… if you care to know) and Arabica Coffee.

If you’ve planned your vacation, chances are you have quite a full itinerary while you’re visiting the UAE. These are just some quick suggestions of places to see when you are around CrossFit Alioth.

Feel free to talk to any of the Alioth staff, members, or coaches with any additional questions about visiting the city.

Some other highlights include:

  • Paddle Boarding around the Burj Al Arab

  • Kite Beach

  • Madinat Jumeirah

  • Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall

  • Dubai Souks

  • Desert Adventures