Our favorite snack recipe revealed:


You’ve committed to making healthier choices for your diet and for your overall performance in and out of the gym… now what? We can typically do a great job planning out our meals but what happens during that weird in-between time when hunger strikes?

The answer is usually: SNACKING.

But this is where the danger happens! If we don’t have a plan on what and how to snack- your healthy choices throughout the day can be completely null if snacks derail us. Our blood sugar is dropping and we are willing to eat anything that comes easy, usually from a vending machine in the office.

But we are here to say: that doesn’t need to be the case. There are simple ways to stay satiated and consistent with your food intake even if you need a snack throughout the day.

Snacking Options:
Apple slices, add nut butter for more fat
Greek yoghurt with berries
Apricot ,amazing source for fiber and vitamin C
Cashew/ almond nuts, but be careful with the amount, usually one handful is enough!

But there is one snack that reigns supreme. It is easy to prepare and perfect during any time. I eat every day, usually after my dinner, before I go to bed. But sometimes as breakfast or just midday snack.

The banana and oat pancake.

What is great about this is that you can adjust the recipe depending on how hungry you are, or if you track macros how much of each nutrient you want.

The base:

1 banana

1 egg

40g oats

Mix everything together, put the mix in a pan for a few mins, go easy on the heat (low/medium), otherwise it will be hard to flip it if its not cooked through.

The macro breakdown: 332 CALS, 54g carbs, 14g protein and 8g fat.

I usually need more protein added to it, so would mix a scoop of Vanilla protein powder (I use SCIMX) in as well.

  • If you need more carbs , add more oats.

  • If you need more protein and fats, add an egg, or just the yolk/white, chia seeds.

You can also use toppings as a source for more nutrients. Blueberries, strawberries, mangos, raspberries, honey, nut butters , cinnamon and the list goes on…
But I’m sure you get the idea of ad-ons to this recipe.

The pancake is delicious to eat hot or cold, so making it in the evening and eating for breakfast can also work.

If you have a waffle maker the mix works fine in that as well, so the options for this perfect snack are endless!


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