Take it or leave it


This past weekend, we hosted a CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting at our facility. As a coach and an athlete, I’d highly recommend this course if you’re interested on improvement on either of these levels. But one comment that our lead instructor, Kyle Micallef mentioned early in the seminar resonated with me on a couple levels- it doesn’t necessarily deal directly with weightlifting but it is a very poignant comment to our ability to take and use advice:

“Use this weekend to bridge the gap- to bridge the gap between what you may be teaching, or to cue someone more effectively, or to improve your own lifting….. We will share a number of things this weekend,” he explained, “how you use the information is up to you. You can use it, you don’t have to. But it’s an option that’s there”

As coaches, we are constantly looking for ways to help others understand movement, intensity, recovery, workouts, etc. It is our job to teach these things in the most effective way possible. This happens a lot by trial and error- but also by heeding to the advice of others who have similar experiences.

Attending weekend workshops and seminars are a great way as coaches, teachers, etc. to better shape your craft. It’s not only a beneficial use of time, but a valuable resource for learning to collaborate with others who may have learned the same lessons as you- and have a different way of seeing or explaining similar concepts. And to reinforce the work that you are doing, which can give you more ideas and inspiration to continue growing your business, or your skills, or a mix between those two things.

The information is there for you to take, and to use. What you do with it, is ultimately up to you.

How you use new information to bridge the gap in your coaching, for your clients, or for yourself is your choice. You can take someone's advice. Or you can stick to your status quo. This comes down to your ability to not only coach, but to be coached- a skill that teachers need as much as students; because that’s what we all are, aren’t we?

- RK