When I began coaching CrossFit


I have been involved in sports since I can remember, in particular American Football.  From the time I could barely lace up my own cleats until my college days where it was a chore to reach down and “strap em’ up” yet again to “embrace the grind” of the seemingly never ending hours of football.  It was during all these years of growth and development that I really began to understand the importance of coaching, in not only refining the skills of athletic performance but also the impact that it can potentially have on the many facets of and individual’s life, as well as the collective in a team setting.  For the better part of 16 years, I spent 3+ hours, 5 days a week, with the coaches of the seasonal sport I was participating in.  Now tell me that those individuals we call coaches have no influence! 

It is through understanding this, through all the awful, bad, good, and better yet GREAT coaches I experienced that ultimately drove me to the decision that “coaching” was indeed the path I wanted to follow.  However it wasn't until my days at the University of South Carolina, when I was under the watchful guidance of two INCREDIBLE coaches, Mark Smith and Steve Gortmaker, that I decided that path was to be Strength and Conditioning.

The two aforementioned individuals set the foundation for the coach I am today as well as the principles of how I approach the daily grind of my current fitness regimen.  They took me through the highest and the lowest points of my athletic career, they built me up and then proceeded to tear me down completely and push me to the point where I was truly about to break and on one specific occasion did.  They pushed us to failure to show us that we were human and what it took to reach a level where failure was no longer a thought or option. 

To this day I am so thankful for those two men (as well as the other, Coach O, Dan Austin, Anthony, and the others).  So it was immediately after my graduation, that I set out on the path to one day hopefully be able to influence others in a similar fashion to their influence on myself.  I couldn't have ever known then, that it would lead me on the journey of a lifetime that still continues to this day.  Across the continental US any countries later, a new sport, new cultures, and a new lifestyle and outlook on life that still continues to grow, change, and evolve.


- Coach Taylor

Rebecca Koch