What your fitness journey is really about

Your fitness journey is YOURS and yours only. Enjoy the process, respect the journey, and be present. 

Your fitness journey is YOURS and yours only. Enjoy the process, respect the journey, and be present. 


What is Fitness?  It is a single question that I have been asked many times and yet, given many different answers.  There is of course the “scientific” definition of fitness, but I believe an equal, or arguably even greater aspect of fitness lies outside of the science.  In the CrossFit world, we are taught that there are 3 base elements of fitness: Physical, Mental, and Social.  To be the fittest we can be, we must look outside of just the physical portion and into the mental and social aspects as well. We may often hear that, “Fitness is a lifestyle.”, and a lifestyle involves so much more than just being able to accomplish physical demands.  It applies to our relationships, our habits both good and bad, or mental stimulation (i.e. thoughts, ideas, intellect, knowledge etc), our nutrition, and spiritual development/beliefs.

Living a complete lifestyle, we will call it the “Optimal Lifestyle” is where CrossFit, in my opinion, truly separates itself from any other form of fitness.  It is a Fitness philosophy that is built/focused around community.  Someone can go anywhere in the world and walk into a setting of like-minded people.  Individuals, who on a certain level can understand and relate to one an other, share many things in common, and are all united with a common idea of not only “working out as hard as you can”, but trying to lead an “optimal lifestyle”.  Which brings me to the basis of this little write up which is to give us all a few tips on how to really get the most out of this community and philosophy of fitness:

Get Involved:  Whenever you are in the gym, make an effort to talk to those around you and really try and get to know some of your fellow CrossFitters.  I have always said that people are our most abundant and available source of knowledge, so take advantage of the people around you and try to learn knew things, share ideas, and have good conversations.

Ask Questions: If you want to know something, ask!  Especially to your coaches.  At the affiliate where I coach, I LOVE it when people ask me questions.  Thats what coaches are for.  While many of our expertise lie within the fitness realm, people never cease to surprise and amaze me with their vast array of knowledge and experiences ranging from all different things and topics to numerous to count.

Be Present:  All too often, we as people get caught up in the whirlwind of things going on in all aspects of our lives.  The stresses of the real world, jobs, relationships, troubles, happenings and everything in between.  The gym is a place to get away from all that and just live in the now.  Let those things troubling you or consuming your thoughts go, relax, enjoy the time you have with those around you in the moment and try to be the best you can be, or better yet, “be your own hero” even if only for a brief period of time.

Let It Go:  This refers directly to your ego.  Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, and in CrossFit there is no room for it.  Especially if you want to become the best version of yourself, move better, be stronger, fitter, and more capable than you have ever been.  Listen to your coaches, they are only trying to help you!  If they see something and offer you coaching, do your best to accept it and apply it.

There are always two things you can control: your effort and your attitude.

Just a final thought; No matter the scenario or situation, there are always two things that everyone can control; their attitude and effort.  Approach any situation, inside or outside the gym with a positive attitude, and give your best effort in any endeavor you undertake.  If you do those two things, you are sure to optimize your chances of success, and fitness is no different.  


- Coach Taylor

Rebecca Koch